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liquid diamond vape bar
thca diamonds potency

Liquid diamonds  are one of a renowned potent cannabis concentrate made from THCA diamonds and live resin sauce. It has potency levels exceeding 90% THC, making them one of the most potent cannabis concentrates on the market. Liquid diamonds can be enjoyed in vapes, edibles, and pre rolls etc. 

Seeing from the words we can get that liquid diamond is the meaning of flashing freezing with liquid nitrogen or dry ice is one way to freeze these trichomes while the plant is still alive. Under this condition, can we get the most fresh aroma of terpenes. The growth of the diamonds occurs during the crystallization process that follows butane extraction. The THCa crystallizes spontaneously when a trace amount of solvent is left in the extract and allowed to purge out for at least 48 hours, creating a supersaturated sauce fraction.

Liquid Diamond distinguished with live resin and distillate from a higher purity and more expensive variety of THC distillate. For offering various flavors, liquid diamond vapes combine with  the terpene-rich quality of live resin with potency and high purity of THCa diamonds.

Liquid diamonds character as following:

  1. Pale Yello & clear color
  2. liquid or oil appearance
  3. inlcude 0-10% terpenes
  4. Fit with Edible/Joint infusion/Disposable Vapes

So dose the liquid diamond better than distillate?

Due to their higher purity, liquid diamonds are widely preferred over distillate. Liquid diamonds have a total THC content of over 97%. Distillate has a total THC content of about 93%. Liquid diamonds increase the potency of products. For those who are in search of the highest THC potency vapes out there, liquid diamond is a perfect choice.


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