1 Gram Disposable VS 2 Gram Disposable

Dec 01, 2023 11 0
1g disposable vape pen empty
2 gram disposable vape empty

As technology advanced, cigarettes revolution from preroll cigarettes, tobacoo products and disposable vape to rechargeable disposable vape pens. The key function and prograss for that is they're easier to carry, more handful and minimum device fit with youth to put into pocket, handbags or even hold in hands whatever they do.

With the developing from 1gram disposable, 2gram, 3gram even bigger capacity disposable star up, therefore, people come up with the question" will 2g disposable much better than 1g? Is it possible that 2g replace 1g become market trend?".

There's no doubt that, the answer is yes! absolutely! For catering different customers needs, it's obivious that market welcome more various capacity products as new blood to refresh cigarette market. 2gram as a popular trend to create big capacity business for wholesalers who professional in THCa and CBD. From the aspect of struction, 2gram disposable with better battery capacity will extend the life span of usage, and stronger backbone for more smoke puff.

So, Must the 1gram better than 2gram disposable absolutely?

There is no standrd answer for this question. Why? It depends on. From person to person, everyone has different requirement for their own business. Theoretically, 2 gram disposable have much more advantages than 1gram, but its cost much more oil, when people need 1gram, smaller puff, 1gram defeat 2g become the best choice from this perspective.

Choose the correct and matched devices is key role in your business, so it's depends on.


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